Moonchildren Prepare For Take Off
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if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


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on a scale of 1 to done



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time to drown myself in music to forget about my feelings

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It is literally cheaper to house homeless people than it is to just leave them on the streets

And instead of trying to match homeless people up with one of the 24 empty homes available for every homeless person

People are literally paying to put in fucking spikes under bridges, in doorways and, yes, on fucking public benches in order to make it harder for homeless people to find a place to sleep.

What a fucked up world we live in.

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Are you ever super obsessed with something for a while and then it fades out into you casually liking the thing and then something triggers it and suddenly it’s back to full blown obsession

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Things I will never understand:



People who called aborted fetuses “murder victims”, and then call children killed in drone strikes “collateral damage”.

Did you mean americans?

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